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What To Include In Your

Technology RFP

Are you looking to run an RFP ahead of a technology purchase? If so, this whitepaper will be useful for you. The RFP is still a key part of a selection process, but it is important that you do it at the right time, and that you only include the vendors that have a serious chance of winning your business. In the whitepaper we discuss:

* The key sections you need to include.

* Why timing is absolutely crucial.

* How many vendors should take part.

* What an RFP is meant to achieve.

* Tips to getting it right and getting responses.

* Our unique viewpoint on what works - and what doesn't.

Getting the RFP right - is getting your project right. It is that important. 

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Key Sections

All they key elements the vendors will expect to be included.

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Hints & Tips

What we know works - and what you should avoid.

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The Right Order

Why there is a time and a place for an RFP - and when that is.

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